New Year New Plants

New Year New Plants

A new year means new beginnings. It's a time to make promises to yourself and set goals of becoming a better version of the person you were in the previous year. Let's face it; January is nearly over which means the motivation of trying to keep many of those unrealistic expectations is fading with it. Ouch. New Year resolutions don't have to be immediate life-altering decisions. Why not try small, attainable goals?  

So, plant people (which is everyone as far as I'm concerned), here's an easy one. Throw away the notion that you can't keep plants alive. There have been many times when someone purchased a plant and then told me it'll probably die in their care or just bypass the plant altogether because they've labeled themselves as a plant-killer. I'm a firm believer in the power of words and believe it or not, so are your plants. If you don't believe me, head to Youtube and check out some of the "positive and negative talk experiments on plants". We all know about positive self-talk, so it makes sense that it would apply to other living things. 

I suggest checking out the Where Do I Start? post to help set yourself up for success. As you read, you'll learn that understanding your light source is essential, but starting things off with a positive approach is too. It's okay that you've lost some plants along the way. We all have, but that doesn't mean you're doomed. Like I said, we're all plant people. Why? Because even though we call many of them "indoor plants", they're still native to the outdoors and that's for us all to enjoy.

If you're unsure of where you fall on the spectrum of plant-care, that's okay. At one point, I knew I could keep pothos alive, so I stuck with those. Once I was confident in my abilities, I moved on and I sort of kept that pattern. Over time, I had a home full of plant varieties. Finding your strength can be encouraging. So, learning how to keep just one plant alive, no matter how much trial and error that takes, still makes you an accomplished "plant person".

Like everything else, plants don't live forever. Sometimes, it's just time for your plant to die and time for you to just get another one. Did you know that some plants die after they bloom? Sometimes, it's just nature's way. Where you purchase your plant is important too. Don't let those sickly big box store plants get you down. Chances are it was dying before you brought it home. 

So be encouraged plant people. I'm in your corner along with a whole community of folks learning right along with you. Stay positive and keep those plant goals attainable. This is your year to grow!

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