Watering & fertilizing indoor plants

It's Spring! Now what...

Spring has sprung! We all know that this is prime time for plants. As the weather changes, greenery is visible, and flowers are starting to bloom. What does this mean for your indoor green friends? How do they reap the benefits?

It may be time to move some plants around. As the temperature rises outside, this may mean that those sunny indoor spots that were ideal during the colder months are now considered direct sunlight and can potentially cause sunburn. If you need a refresher or help as you shuffle your green friends around, check out the Light Guide.

Let your plants spend some time outside! This is a great opportunity for many plants that enjoy warmer temperatures and humidity (depending on where you live) to get exactly what they need. Keep in mind that the same rules apply for light once they're out there. More than likely, direct sun for long periods of time will cause sunburn. They'll dry out faster than they would indoors too, so be sure to water accordingly. Some of your indoor plants may even surprise you with vibrant colors and even blooms! 

Collect rainwater. We all know the saying about April showers, so naturally, it's beneficial for all plants. If blessed with rain, collect it for watering or simply place your plants outside. Unlike tap water, rainwater has less minerals, better pH, more nitrogen, and of course, no chlorine. Much like us, the better the quality, the healthier. Though it's not essential, this is why untreated water is suggested.

The warmer time of spring is the time to fertilize! As always understand your plant and its needs first, but a good all-purpose fertilizer will usually get the job done. This is also a great opportunity to repurpose what would otherwise be trash. Coffee grinds, eggshells, and banana peels are a few natural and easy ways to get extra nutrients into the soil. Though fertilizing isn't a necessity when it comes to plant care, it can help many plants with growth and overall health after being dormant all winter.

If this is your first spring as a "plant person", congratulations! You made it through the winter. Yes, even if your plant didn't, congratulations are still in order because you're still here and willing to learn. Trust me, it gets easier this time of year, so get excited as your work pays off! 

Feel free to leave any comments or questions below! 😊

Sending love and light to you and your plants.


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