How often should I water my plants?

How often should I water my plants?

So, we've all killed plants by either over or under-watering. As a former chronic "over-waterer," I used to say that I literally loved plants to death.  

I'm sure you've read that it's good to have some sort of watering schedule. This may work for some, but I'm a strong believer in understanding a plant's induvial needs. Plus, as far as schedules go, we're already juggling enough. 

I know that watering plants can be intimidating, especially if you don't have a good track record. Here are a few tips that will keep things simple and help keep your plants properly hydrated. 

  • DRAINAGE HOLES- Always make sure that your plant vessels have at least one good drainage hole to avoid root rot.
  • WATER EVENLY & THOROUGHLY- Water the entire surface area and then let the water drip out of the drainage holes. This ensures that all of the roots, no matter their placement under the soil, get the hydration that they need. 
  • NO WADING IN THE WATER- The water will drip from the drainage holes inside of the decretive pot or onto the saucer. Get rid of this access water. Some plants like more moisture than others, but it's good practice to dump access water to prevent potential root rot. 
  • THE OL' KNUCKLE RULE- If you don't mind a little dirt, this one never fails. Simply stick your finger in the dirt (topsoil) up to your 1st or 2nd knuckle. If it's dry, it's time to water! Of course, a water meter works well too.

Keep in mind that these are general rules. Some plants have different needs, but for the most part, they're applicable. Remember to refer to the specific care instructions for all of the plant friends that are available as well. If your plant has already fallen victim to under or over-watering, cut the discolored leaves off and start implementing these tips as soon as you can.

Don't get down on yourself if your plant doesn't make it. It's just a lesson learned! Even the most knowledgeable plantthusiasts start off as beginners. 

Feel free to leave any comments or questions below!


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This is excellent information to help me be a thoughtful plant person! These kinds of tips are so useful for the novice and builds confidence in this undertaking…thank you!


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