Rooted in 2022

Rooted in 2022

What was just an online plant shop has quickly turned into a growing community of people like you. I'm honored to have introduced many of you to your first plant. For some, it was simply a conversation to help encourage the ability to keep them alive. What a blessing it is to contribute to your spaces in the smallest of ways, but with the understanding that it's more than greenery, it's well-being. It's a known fact that greenery can help reduce stress and give a sense of accomplishment as you raise your green friend. Hello self-care!

You've watched "Polly" renovations, supported the breast cancer awareness fundraiser, made purchases, followed on social, Christmas photos with "Polly", and attended our first pop-ups. Most of all, you spread the word and have given others the gift that keeps on giving - plants. That's what this is all about - a means to share and create relationships.

Can you believe all of this has been in just 5 months?! So, thank you, friend. "Connecting Plants to People" has never been easier. It's a mission that can only be successful with community. Thank you for continuing to "stay rooted" as Pilea grows. 2023, here we come!

Enjoy the holidays and bring in the new year with the brightest of intentions. 

- Taylor 

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